Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Battle Pack: Epic Dawn - 7 thoughts

The main reason why I started this blog was the advent of Battle Pack: Epic Dawn, which is Konami's attempt of making sealed play relevant in YuGiOh. Now the actual release is in three weeks, and the set isn't fully revealed yet, but that does not mean that I cannot post thoughts about what I want in this pack

  1. If you are getting this for the reprints, realize that there isn't that many money cards bar TGU and maybe Forbidden Lance and Gem-Knight Pearl that have been revealed for this set. Sure there may be more revealed shortly but TGU is the only money card that can be easily moved. Not to mention they removed Zenmaines from the list because of how good it is.
  2. Forum playerbase =/= Real-Life playerbase. I realize elitist players are more likely to frequent YuGiOh forums compared to casual players, but I can't help to shudder at the whole discussion on Pojo's Battle Pack thread. The whole thread is one big discussion on the "pull-rate" of TGU, the fact that wannabe vendors are pulling their pre-orders because they cannot pull a profit, and the fact that sealed play itself hasn't been discussed that well since the first thread.
  3. Fiendish Chain will not be in this pack... in my opinion because of the Six Samurai structure deck. Just remember that Kevin Tewart never explicitly said that Fiendish Chain is in the set, just that it was a good card for sealed.
  4. Sealed =/= Draft. As a pure limited Magic: the Gathering player (I do not own any MtG cards, all cards I draft or recieve in my Sealed Pool is sold/traded/given to my friends) I prefer drafts over sealed. I admit however that sealed is much better for new limited players over draft because the difficulty level is much lower, but drafting itself is sometimes more interesting and fun than the actual duels itself. I also admit that like myself, the majority of  people who show interest in limited play in Yugioh has experience in limited formats of other CCGs. 
  5. If Konami is serious with this whole limited format push, they will need to release a new expansion pack a few months after the release of Epic Dawn. From my experiences of MtG, sets can get stale as soon as after the 3rd draft, and with the attention span of the Yugioh playerbase, they would need to change things up sooner than later when it comes to the contents of what appears in their sealed pool.
  6. I kinda wish they would have printed some new cards instead of a pure reprint set, but I can go back to point #4 in the fact that it would be easier to learn with familliar cards and not unnecessarily bump up the difficulty level of limited formats
  7. To the people who believe that this format would be expensive: 10 packs at $2 each for a tournament  = $20/tourney. 2 tournmanents/month = $40/month = $140/format (May-sept). I like that price tag over that of a set of Maxx C
These are my thoughts so far about the future release of Epic Dawn. I actually had a eighth point that I wanted to make, but I felt that it would be better to leave it for a future post. Until next time.

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