Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A (re)introduction

Hello, if you are reading this then you probably know me as markyguila on the Pojo forums. Those who know me a little better will know my love of Sealed formats for Yugioh and the potential on how well it could work if Konami puts some effort into it. With Battle Pack: Epic Dawn approaching in three weeks, I figured that I should make another blog to show my opinions on not only the Battle Pack, but other casual formats that may not be as well known as others.

My old blog ( was almost exclusively about my Yugioh Cube, a format I may go into in more detail in a later post. I will continue to talk about my Cube and why I believe it is a great thing to try out, but I wanted to expand my horizons and talk about other yugioh-related stuff.

So stay tuned folks, I do not know where this blog will eventually end up, but sometimes the ride is more fun than the destination :D

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